Handmade Journey

‘Handmade Journey’ is written for the dreamers and nomads of the world. Each song on this 11 track album is based on 4 years spent in Latin America and Spain and the discoveries that have come with it. Complete with illustrated lyrics booklet.

Recorded in Spain/Chile. Released June 1, 2020


‘Pelican’ is a 5 track EP exploring themes of love and travel that ‘capture the sense of transience of life on the road´ Folk Radio UK. Read a review here.

Recorded in Bristol, UK, 2015

Freedom from the Known

This 4 track EP is based on Katy’s first trip travelling at the age of 18 hitch-hiking alone from Guatemala to Alaska.

Recorded in Brixton, London, 2009

Bundle gift


All three albums with respective lyrics and illustrated booklets.
Limited edition A3 print of your choice by Katy.
A selection of illustrated A5 and postcard prints drawn by Katy.