Katy Hooper

Katy Hooper


Katy Hooper is a singer–songwriter of Australian/British origin but with roots in many places between the countries she has lived & travelled.

Self taught, Katy uses delicate vocals and finger picking guitar to create her own  Folk/World style influenced by a transient life. Her songs relate to speak of the natural world and her personal encounters with the different people and countries through which she travels.

Katy has performed at music venues and festivals in the UK, Latin America, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal and her discography comprises of three independently produced records.

At the age of 18 Katy took her guitar and hitchhiked alone from Guatemala up the west coast of America to Alaska before recording her first EP ‘Freedom From The Known´ in Brixton, London (2006). Her second EP ‘Pelican’, recorded in Bristol, UK 2015, explores themes of love and travel and ‘captures the sense of transience of life on the road´, Folk Radio UK, 2015.  Her latest album ‘Handmade Journey’ recorded in The Canary Islands (2020), is her first full length album and based upon four years living and travelling in Spain and Latin America.

Katy is also an artist of fine pen and colour style.  Katy produces the artwork for all her songs and album covers for other musicians.  She is a painter of murals, usually birds. Many of her designs can be found within the family’s hand-printed clothing business Nick Hooper Design. If you have an inspiring project you would like to realise, Katy is open for comissions.  Equally if you are an artist looking to collaborate please make contact.