In Tanzania I travelled to Stone Town, Zanzibar where I was lucky enough to meet some incredible musicians from the Dhow Countries Music Academy. A decadent building overlooking the port and cultural space for local musicians to work together and develop their music.

There on the top floor overlooking the port I recorded my new song ‘Can’t Resist’ with amazing multi-instrumentalist Tofa Boy on Flute and Drummer for the Siti & The Band James Clemence on percussion. You can listen to the song here:

The musicians showed me all their favourite local spots through the beautiful streets of Stone Town. The Dhow Countries Music Academy is an amazing project and essential for the young people and musicians of Zanzibar. You can find out more about their project here:

Artwork by Katy Hooper in Jambiani, Zanzibar where the women collect seaweed at low tide.



Senegal was always a country I wanted to go to, one of my favorite musicians being Senegalese artist Cheikh Lo and I wanted to find out more about the music there.

This May I travelled there and was lucky enough to meet some fantastic musicians and form new friendships.

Lagart Productions filmed a new song of mine ‘Not Looking for a Ride’  in Dakar featuring Baye Cheikh, a fantastic Tama percussionist. Hope you enjoy the video!

Wa…. well its been a long time since Ive updated my site! For many years it has been a dream of mine to go to Cuba and in January I arrived in Havana ready to absorb whatever came my way. What a journey its been since then. From Cuba to Mexico, Guatemala to El Salvador and into Colombia. Here are a few moments to share with you:

In Santiago de Cuba with friends I met that I can now call family.

In La Habana, Cuba

With director of ‘Los Guanches!’ in Santiago de Cuba

Recording a new song in Medellin, Colombia with Canarian musician Nestor

Staying with a lovely family in Medellin, Colombia

Cartegena de los Indios dancing with famous Salsa artsit Joe Arroyo!

Bogota, Colombia

The border of El Salvador



Me pasólo genial anoche. Tocando para un público muy lindo con dos músicos increíbles, David Shea y Pablo Quintana. Gracias a El Hogarte de Vegueta por tenerme en tu sitio tan especial y al público por tu gran onda

What a beautiful night with an amazing crowd in Vegueta, Las Palmas. Thanks to El Hogarte and the incredible musicians David Shea and Pablo Quintana that performed with me. It was truly special – good energy flowing all round x