‘Soñadora’ by Katy Hooper, El Salvador

‘Soñadora’, or ‘Dreamer’

Filmed a few hills climb past Punta Mango, El Salvador. Thanks to Brendan Nolan, Kookaburra Productions for filming. I started writing this song in Lago Atitlan, Guatemala, inspired by a Mayan lady I was staying with, the maiz or corn she was sorting for her black tortilla (tortilla negra), feeling all the history of the lake, the brutalities faced by the the indigenous people there at the hand of the US and Guatemalan government in the 80’s, the positivity and energy of the local people there, and the unrivalled feeling of freedom to be travelling through Central America not knowing whats coming next. I finished the song on the road from there, through the mountain coffee region of Juayua, and finally on the clifftop above this beach, sleeping in a hammock in the forest, cooking on a fire, eating coconuts, rice and beans and the occasional onion or vegetable from the nearest house 20 minutes walk away. Simple life. Watching and hearing the waves come in and the cicadas crying in the night. This is my first song written in Spanish, probably sung in a terrible accent, but its about feeling free and always looking for the beauty in the world, and doing all you can to escape from situations where you may feel trapped to those places you feel free.

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