Pintadera Spiral


Canary Islands-Guatemela-Chile, 2018

Acrylic on canvas



Pintadera Spiral, Canary Islands-Guatemela-Chile, 2018

My take on the pintadera, one of the indigenous Canary Island Guanche symbols. Growing out from this spiral are the plant and animal species and the landscapes that surrounded me on a journey from my home in the Canary Islands to the other side of the Atlantic down from Cuba towards Chile during 2017/2018. This painting came with me and I added to it slowly along the way. Most of it was painted in Guatemala where the Quetzal bird is sacred to the Mayan people. The stars over the Andean cordillera show the southern cross and sit behind the Pehuen tree, native to Chile/Argentina.

This was the original front cover to the album Handmade Journey, inspired by this trip, although it was later adapted in water colour.

Acrylic on canvas