Woman of the Road

Katy Hooper


  1. Woman of the Road

You showed up at the grand house in your battered car
Red hair wet to your cheeks, just following who you are
I dropped to my knees because I know the way it goes
When nowhere feels like home, accept the bend around the road

Oh little darling
Wild woman of the road
Travelling light
Shaking off a heavy load
Shake off that heavy load

We laid the map over the table as the candle burned low
Spilling wine, marking out the places you could go
We considered all those girls and their security
Had it once and threw it back like a ring into the sea

Some days you are flying
Some days you’re afraid
But you can make a mistake
You can make a mistake

Now I lay in my temporary bed, listening to the rain
Can’t sink a single root into this terrain

Copyright © 2021 Katy Hooper