Travelling Beauty

Katy Hooper


  1. Travelling Beauty

Your hard laughter
Hits like the sun
On our aching skin
I’m not the only one
Whose longing to be
In your passenger seat
Long road, wild sea
Stretched out before you

Travelling beauty
Play your song
I intend to love you
I have all along
I have all along

See how your fingers
Travel over the strings
See how your hands
Are owning everything
I recall those hands
And our loose knit plans
Long fingers next to mine
On the South west shore

I clutch at the tail
The tattered tail
Of a dream not lost
But we’re only as good
We’re only as good
As our last day was

You’ve been moving
Like a spinning top
Everyone wants you
But they don’t want you to stop
Every town and hollow cove
Along the coast you drove
Soaked up your sound
Like summer soil

Copyright © 2021 Katy Hooper