Katy Hooper


  1. Pelican

Shadow passes the mast
That pierces up through the sky
Vapour rises up the campaign posters
As Rose walks into the night

Dark haired Rose walks to the port
Her favourite place to be
Where the cargo ships come and go
From the Pacific sea

On the rocks sits a pelican
staring down narrow a hole
Moving closer she sees he’s watching  the body of a bird below

I’ll sit by your side
Until you’re ready to fly
While my brothers are busy
Draining our rivers dry
You’ll have seen them all
Building up their walls
From way up there in the sky

Five hours they sat there
While the body rolled in the kelp
Eyes hollow, a nest of sorrow
No feelings left to be felt

Her strong arm reaches low
And draws the sodden body up
Holding it high in front of his eyes
Trailing the seaweed and the mud

She casts the corpse into the ocean
As the dawn ships fuel by
And they wait
While the new day breaks
And the pelican takes to the sky

Copyright © 2021 Katy Hooper