Handmade Journey

Katy Hooper

  • Release 2020
  • Genre World/Folk

£12 Including postage

‘Handmade Journey’ is an album written for the dreamers and nomads of the world. Each song on this 11 track album is based upon 4 years spent in Latin America and Spain and the adventures that have come with it. I hope that it inspires other people to keep their minds and hearts open to new experiences and to the unending kindness of the strangers you meet on the road.

The handpainted album comes with a fully illustrated lyrics booklet. Artwork by Katy.

About those invovled:

Produced by Katy Hooper and Pablo Quintana in Gran Canaria apart from:

‘Compañero de Vuelo’ produced by Katy Hooper, Coté Salas and Diego Silva in Chile and Pablo Quintana/Katy Hooper in Gran Canaria

‘Night Jasmine’ by Katy Hooper and Mauro Alves in Galicia, Spain.

Recorded by Pablo Quintana in Gran Canaria apart from:

‘Observatory Valley’ and Accomplice recorded by Tali Trow in Winchester/Pablo Quintana in Gran Canaria

‘Night Jasmine’ recorded by Katy Hooper and Mauro Alves in Monforte de Lemos, Galicia, Spain

‘Compañero de Vuelo’ recorded by Coté Salas and Katy Hooper in Maitencillo, Chile/Pablo Quintana in Gran Canaria.

Mixed/Mastered by Pablo Quintana.

Ambient sounds recorded by Katy Hooper in:
• Cali, Colombia
• Pance, Parque National Natural Farallones de Cali, Colombia
• Punto Mango, El Salvador
• Casa de Elena, Monforte de Lemos, Galica, Spain

Thanks to all the following musicians who perfomed on this album:

Coté Salas, Mauro Alves, Pablo Quintana, Xerach Peñate, Derque Martin Cruz, Diego Silva, Jose Vera Bello, Camila Burkey, Jorge Soroa, Stephen Barlow, Tali Trow, Guayarmina Pedraza

Digital Design by Benjamin Robert Muir

Artwork by Katy Hooper

Copyright © 2021 Katy Hooper