I hope you are are all well friends far yet close in spirit.

It is with great delight that I can announce the release of my latest ALBUM on 1 JUNE!

HANDMADE JOURNEY was composed and recorded over the last 4 years and reflects a part of my life living between The Canary Islands and Latin/South America. A period which has changed me and my thoughts on life in so many different ways, for ever.

Although very personal is each song, this has been a collaborative project involving world musicians from these these volcanic islands, from the Andes in South America and sounds from the rainforests and coasts of Latin America and Colombia. It has been a privilege working and creating with all these people; Pablo Quintana who co-produced and recorded the songs with me, Coté Salas, Diego Silva, Xerach Peñate, Derque Martin Cruz, Jorge Soroa, Guayarmina Pedraza, Mauro Alves, Tali Trow, Stephen Barlow, Benjamin Robert Muir, Jose Vera Bello to name just some.

Perhaps this present moment we find ourselves in has given you time to reflect on yourself and our world. For me, it’s been time to absorb everything that has happened over the last 4 years… every emotion, sight, sound, discovery. This album encompasses many of those feelings, each song capturing a moment/place of some of these times. Thanks to everyone who has been there to followed some of this journey with me so far. I can’t wait to share HANDMADE JOURNEY with you!