Performing and recording in Chile

The last 3 months I have been performing and busking around Chile, travelling and writing lots of new songs.  One of these I recorded out in the sticks of Limache, a city surrounded by mountains and famous for growing tomatoes (they were very good – I bought a bag after the recording and had a pretty good salad).  I met a Scottish band on tour through South America on our local bus back from the market and we performed a few shows together.  I’ve also been playing some tunes on Radio Latina.  An old sailor from Valparaiso really enjoyed the tale of ‘Pelican’ so the radio asked me to play it twice. Trying to speak to some callers in in Spanish was a challenge but great fun.   I fell in love with Valparaiso and there will be a new video on the way I filmed on my last few days there. Feeling really inspired and looking forward to sharing the new material with you!


Katy x

radio latina